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Customer Reviews

Better Me - The Game of Growth

Excellent game!! I bought this game to complete a project for my Masters degree course (Cooperatively Structured Learning). I had my family members (4 adults) play the game without earning points or winning. Whether you choose to earn points/win ~ either way this game is very powerful in generating excellent conversations & bringing thoughtful ideas to things you would never have thought of on your own. You learn so much in the process while having fun. Everyone enjoyed the game & we intend to play it more often. It can be life changing!

Fortunate Higgins / RPS | Hyde Park NY

Love Bombs Kindness Cards

Very Cute. I keep them with my stationary and birthday cards to pop them in for an extra special message. I think they would be cute at a dinner party as place cards for each friend to read something nice. You coals also have a group of friends shuffle through and choose which one to give someone. A nice pick me up. You could keep them in your purse and if your out for drinks and feel compelled to brighten someone's day, just give it to them. You could put one with a bouquet of flowers or a cute gift card. Punch a hold in them and use with a ribbon on a cute package. Lots of creative ideas. I have used things like "lunchbox notes" and these are like those but for adults. :)

Amazon Customer, USA

Famous Failures 

Go Fish for entrepreneurs! Very entertaining and easy to play. There are many different levels to this game's overarching theme of personal development. First, you are using your memory in order to remember which cards each of the other players has (just like "go fish"). Second, each card has numerous facts about each famous person's failures, so you can see how they overcame obstacles to their success. Lastly, and I think most importantly, playing the game encourages conversation about each of the "famous failures," allowing you to realize that success is usually preceded by failure.

Rick P